El Paso Designs Peruvian Style Colorful Pattern Blanket Frazada Manta



100% Acrylic El Paso Designs Peruvian Style Blanket is a vibrant, multi-color, lightweight throw featuring chevron patterns influenced by Mayan/Aztec and Native American design. The soft boho blanket has thick fringed ends making a detailed bedding display or a decorative table cloth. We believe textiles are art pieces and this blanket proves it with its’ beautiful intricacy. Expect to see exotic color combinations of highlighter pinks and yellows interwoven with black, or deep reds with bright greens stitched into the tribal patterns. The lightweight design makes it a portable item to take along road trips, on the plane or to the beach. The practicality and unique elements of the blanket make it a perfect gift for you girlfriend or mother. The blanket is 100% acrylic, made in Mexico, weighing 1.4 lbs and measuring 67 x 47. To preserve the bright color hues, do not tumble dry or iron.


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