Cozy Earth Bamboo Blanket Superior Softness Perfect Temperature



Bamboo PERFECT OVERSIZED BLANKET: Cozy Earth blankets are large and come in a variety of sizes (baby, twin, full, queen, king, & throw). These are great to have next to the couch, in bed, or in a college dorm. Cozy Earth’s premium blankets aren’t too heavy; they’re great to wrap yourself up in a hug and large enough to cuddle with a loved one. The baby size is perfect for swaddling (especially in the summer!) so the baby can be cozy without having to worry that your precious baby is getting too hot. SOFT & COMFORTABLE: This is the perfect addition to any bedding set, coming in an elegant white.? Bamboo is the perfect fabric for sleeping; bamboo sleepwear dramatically enhanced softness and overall feel through higher-quality fiber and weaving techniques, far superior to high-thread count cotton alternatives. Cozy Earth has become the leading brand in luxury bamboo sleepwear for all ages, adults & children alike. We set out to create the blanket of our dreams, crafting the coziest blanket. PERFECT TEMPERATURE: Bamboo naturally regulates body temperature, keeping you cool and comfortable. Bamboo is also naturally moisture-wicking, cooling the body to help prevent you from overheating and having sweaty nights. Whether you’re suffering from nightly hot flashes, prefer being cool while sleeping, or are going through postpartum or menopause, Cozy Earth Luxury lightweight blankets will keep you warm , without overheating. HYPOALLERGENIC & EASY TO CLEAN: Cozy Earth is free of harmful chemicals and is inhospitable to dust mites. Cleaning is super simple and very easy (unlike gravity/anxiety blankets). Cozy Earth’s blankets can be put right into the washing machine and dryer, using the tumble dry low setting. 103 NIGHT GUARANTEE & TEN YEAR WARRANTY: Try our blanket for 100 nights, if you are dissatisfied for any reason, return it for a hassle-free full refund. Cozy Earth bamboo blankets have a patented weave, preventing pilling, ripping, or tearing. Our blanket is made to last. If they develop signs of wear, like pilling or holes we will gladly replace them with our 10 year warranty.


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