Hoverex Adult Sari Bohemia Hooded Blanket Microfiber Soft Wearable Blanket



1. Lightweight plush blanket: This blanket is made of high-level Sherpas, soft and comfortable. This fluffy blanket is durable and lightweight so you can hold it without getting too hot. Camp, go to the beach or next adventure! 2. Tips: Have you ever walked outside with a blanket and wished you had something to cover your ears? Well, this blanket has a built-in hood that can easily cover your head, ears and neck. A hooded blanket is wearable and may be fun for kids. In addition, the stunning print fits perfectly with the cut of the hood, so the artistic design is not damaged. 3. Unisex design: Boys and girls of all ages will love the vibrant artwork on this handmade blanket. The blanket is printed with unique artwork. Part of each transaction goes directly to the independent artist who designed the work. This blanket is big enough to make a queen-size bed! 4. Bright colors: Some blankets will fade over time or bleed during the cleaning process, losing vitality. However, our high-quality materials remain colorful and look like new after repeated washing. The best part is that this blanket does not wrinkle or fall off, making it ideal for all occasions and all seasons. This amazing hooded blanket! 5. Memorial gifts for children and adults: Everyone needs a big blanket, and blankets are a good companion for cold planes or long journeys. Friends and family will enjoy watching movies at night or lying under the stars to cover up. This useful gift will continue to be dedicated and will please any recipient.


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